It’s Never To Late For Camp

I’m 32 and headed to camp.  WordPress Camp that is.  So I can figure out how to use these here blogs. I  abandoned my last blog due to some fizzled enthusiasm but I do like the idea of them and thought I would give it another go.   I’m also noticing a strong sense of community with bloggers (especially with WordPress peeps) that I really appreciate and would like to be a part of.  I hope I have some luck with this new one with the help of my fellow camp-members who will be attending the workshops this weekend.

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to be a bit more computer savvy and literate and I’m glad to say I’ve pretty much stuck to it.  I believe that the easiest way to learn something is to jump in there and actually do it.  The real challenge for me now is how to allow all of this technology to enhance my life and complement all the things I already do or want to do.  How do I integrate it without it becoming annoying?  If all this stuff doesn’t enhance your life in some way then why bother?

I’ve talked to a lot of people this year about social media as someone who was curious and as someone who encouraged others to drink the Kool-Aid.  There was a lot of resistance from my friends and employers to jump on the boat to join Twitter and start a blog.   I think this may come from not fully understanding and seeing where the technology can take you or a general disinterest which I can certainly respect.  I also think that more time on the computer can equate to less time with real live people which can be scary for some (including me).

Ideally, I would like this technology to help me cultivate relationships, partnerships, and experiences with a larger audience.  My challenge is to balance my time between using technology to write about my life and experiences and actually having enough time to live.

Seeing and hearing people in person at camp will be inspiring I’m sure and might provide an interesting perspective on it all.  I’m looking forward to all the things camp provides:  fun and some good lessons too…


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