A Mindful Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow, we are once again confronted with the many choices that this delicious holiday brings us. In fact, the dinner table may offer us too many choices. Thanksgiving is a time for lots of comfort food which can provide us with an opportunity to escape or as a way to celebrate by indulging.  Unfortunately, sometimes we can over do it and we eat so quickly that we soon “crash” on the couch forgetting how we got there so quickly.

But food can also give us an opportunity to liberate ourselves, to increase our consciousness by feeding our senses with the smells, tastes, and textures of the season. It can give us the power to zone in rather than zone out which can be an extraordinary experience.

If you practice saying thanks before your Thanksgiving meal, this year consider saying thanks throughout your meal. Take the time to smell your food, taste your food, and chew your food. By practicing this, you are reminding yourself what you’re thankful for and all the things that are feeding your life. I promise you the meal will be a more rewarding and fulfilling experience and you’ll probably eat half as much as you usually do. If that happens, have a lunch gathering with friends and family the next day for your leftovers. Either way, your meal will fill you up in more ways then you thought were possible.


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