2009 NYC Holiday Windows: New York Costumes

During the holidays New York City sidewalks undergo a transformation.  Traffic increases three fold and even New York natives do something incredibly uncharacteristic:  they stop.  Yes, they stop to look at holiday windows even if its only for a few seconds.  This city does an amazing job of creating some of the most elaborate and imaginative window displays in the world.  As much as I loathe walking down 5th Avenue during shopping season due to the relentless crowds,  I always find some time to visit the windows after the stores have closed and the bitter cold of the season diminishes the traffic.

I try to look at the windows close up and across the street.  I think you get the full effect that way as the best windows will communicate their stories in both scenarios.

Below are a few completely appropriate and humorous windows from New York Costumes just south of Union Square on 4th Ave.  I though these were really fun and I appreciated the shout out to Gen Xers who will surely get a kick out of the Gremlin in the Santa suit.  More to come in the upcoming weeks…

The Santa in the hospital gown was rocking back and forth.  “Buy Stuff” seems like its the motto of this year’s holiday season. “Buy Stuff” to keep those who are rich rich and those that are poor drowning in their debt until they look like that Santa rocking back and forth in a mindless stupor.  Nice.

Just your ordinary gift exchange in sexy holiday garb as a pink haired monkey in a plum iridescent sequined muumuu watches you.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

He said to keep them out of water.  Your fault.


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