Stayin’ alive after winter’s flu bug bites you oh so hard…

Stayin’ alive in this city sometimes requires enduring the inevitable flu bug that floats around this time of year.  It bit me so hard and good this year that I was out of commission for five days.  I don’t remember ever being so damn sick.  After two days of trying to brave it without any over the counter drugs, I gave in and bought Tylenol Flu as requested by my doctor who also offered these comforting words to me, “you look really sick.”

I realized a few things this past week when I was sick as a dog:

  1. When you’re sick vanity and ambition are easily forgotten.  I really couldn’t care less about how the hell I looked or what I “needed” to do.  It was all about survival.
  2. Netflix has some great movies on instant play.  I strongly recommend Botany of Desire and This American Life episodes.
  3. Your true friends will shine when you’re sick.  Not everyone will ask you if you need something and actually be willing to do it.
  4. Rest, time, and water can really heal most anything.  Good food helps too.
  5. I most stop putting my fingers in my ears and nose.   I think that’s what got me in trouble as those areas are most susceptible to germs.  I also blame my very dry, hot office where people are incessantly coughing and sneezing and not washing their hands after they use the bathroom.  Shame.
  6. The flu just sucks and I have so much compassion for people who are sick.  Is there anything I can do to help them from a distance?
  7. Learn from me:  make sure your getting enough sleep, don’t over schedule yourself, eat healthy organic foods, and drink lots of water.
  8. I am slowly becoming a freaky germaphobe.
  9. I will soon forget everything I have learned this pass week until the possibility of sickness arises again and by then, it will inevitably be too late and I will be forced to stay in my apartment and not do anything until I recover and have the same realizations again but the list will ultimately be a lot longer.

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