2009 NYC Holiday Windows: The Fantastic Mr. Fox at Bergdorf Goodman

Last week, a friend of mine asked if I had seen the windows at Bergdorf Goodman’s.  “Of course!” I replied, “I just wrote about them on my blog.  I love them!”  Later I found out that he was referring to the windows across the street at the Men’s Store that featured vignettes from the new Wes Anderson film The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

“How the hell do I miss them?”  I was literally on that side of the street taking pictures of the windows at the women’s store and seemed to be completely oblivious to them.  I went back a few days later to take a look.  It was no surprise that the windows are incredible to look at.  They remind me of the miniature room collection at The Art Institute of Chicago which I believe was a source of inspiration for Wes Anderson when he was researching the movie.  They really give you an idea of the amount of detail that goes into creating a set for a stop-action movie.

What is it about miniature objects that instantly draws intrigue and awe?  Our culture loves small things: cupcakes, cookies, dolls, cars, technology, the list goes on and on.  Perhaps there is a sense of nostalgia.  We are instantly taken back to our childhood where the only things that we had control over were our small toys.  We could hold them in our hand and make them fly into the air or drive them to the ground and crush them.  Now that was power.  Do small things give adults the opportunity to regain that sense of control?  Or are small things just cute and aesthetically pleasing to the eye?  I think its a little of both.

I have not seen this movie yet but the windows make me want to see it even more.  I know refer to my brown corduroy Marc Jacobs suit as my Mr. Fox suit.  The colors Mr. Fox wears are some of my favorites:  browns, tans, and accents of bold colors like pumpkin orange and school bus yellow.  The windows do a great job of selling the movie and the clothes.


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