2009 NYC Holiday Windows: Tiffany & Co.

Last week when I took pictures of the snowy winter wonderland depicted in the windows at Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue, little did I know a week later that a snow storm would transform New York City into the Ice Queen’s heaven.  The snow storm we had yesterday gave us about an inch shy of a foot of snow.

Something incredible happens when a few inches of snow hit the ground here:  the city that never sleeps ponders taking a nap.  Yes, the hustle and bustle becomes a bit more like a step and repeat as New Yorkers tip toe their way through the heaps of snow to find a way to their destination.  I enjoy staying inside on days like this and watching from my window as the surrounding scene evolves.

Another incredible thing happens:  the city becomes quiet.  Dare I say silent?  No, I guess NYC is never silent but it gets damn well close to it.  The windows at Tiffany’s depict a similar but more opulent and fantastic world, a white wonderland filled with ballerinas, gifts, Santa and his sled, and hidden gems that seem to punctuate the landscape like stars.  Outside the windows the gems may be hidden, but once they reveal themselves they are just as colorful and bright.


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