2009 NYC Holiday Windows: Barney’s

With the holiday shopping season officially over, we can now expect large sale signs dangling by their last thread from store windows as hustling shoppers wrestle over super discounted merchandise.  I managed to capture a few pictures before Christmas at Barney’s and was gravely disappointed.  Barney’s has a tendency to be as hip as the upper east side can get.  This year it failed.  The windows were a tribute to the 35th anniversary of Saturday Night Live and depicted an array of the most famous characters in all their big headed paper maché glory.  What was the most surprising was that there was not even one element of fashion integrated into the windows: not one hat, or sock, or cuff link.  Blah.  Couldn’t you have at least put the Church Lady in a Chanel tweed suit?  Or give the coffee talk ladies a pair of D&G sunglasses?  However, I did enjoy the clever Coneheads window and wished they would have used the same style and craftsmanship to create the others.  The windows seemed like a big commercial for the show and the network which was recently purchased by Comcast.   Below are some of the photos.


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