First New Discovery of 2010: Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Beer

After finishing our first bottle of champagne just before 8p.m. on New Year’s Eve, my friend and I realized we may not be prepared for the night ahead of us.  The two of us craved some bubbly and we didn’t want our sources to be tapped before midnight (even though we had another bottle of champagne and some beer).  But an endless supply of bubbly is what we wanted.  We dashed out in the bitter cold to make a trip to the liquor store only to find it had just closed ten minutes before we arrived.  “I guess they want to celebrate too,” my friend said with a sigh.

“Why?” I mumbled sarcastically.  Next to the liquor store was a local supermarket.  We both knew that the store wouldn’t have any champagne but hoped to be wrong.  Giddily scanning the shelves neither of us found anything until I spotted this:

A bottle of Lindemans Framboise, a raspberry flavored beer that tastes more like champagne.  By the shape of the bottle I knew it had to be sparkling even though the bottle didn’t mention it.  I’ve never had fruit flavored beer before but this seemed like it was worth a shot.

As soon as we opened the bottle, we were pleased with the beer’s ruby red color and foamy pink head.  The taste? Absolutely delicious!

“It’s like a beer port,” I said after we finished dinner.  “Deserty.”

“A desert beer,” my friend so eloquently added.

Did everyone else know about this beer except for us?  After researching the web for some information, I found the following information on

Lambic is an unfamiliar beer style to most Americans, but it’s not new. Lambics have been produced for probably 500 or more years, and come from the Payottenland region of Belgium, and still aren’t often found on tap in the U.S. Lindemans is located in the town of Vlezenbeek, southwest of Brussels, and began commercial brewing in 1811.

The website mentions that the beer pairs well with chocolate, ice cream, custards, or is a dessert within itself.  I will most certainly try it with dessert next time.  I also think it would make a unique hostess gift for a dinner party too.  The first of many great discoveries in 2010.
Happy New Year!

One response

  1. Audra

    Mmmm….the Framboise!!! : )

    April 22, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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