Men’s purses that don’t apologize

The time has come.  After years of being in the closet, the purse is coming out.  And it’s not for you ladies, it’s for him.  Over the past few seasons of fashion, it’s the men who have been walking down the runways with over sized man purses and they’re not made for the gym or to deliver messages.  How was a male urban dweller expected to cart his stuff for all these years?  The male purse eliminates the gym bag, the messenger bag, the bulging wallet and blackberry, and gives men their God given right for a change of costume in the middle of the day.  Thank you designers.  For a couple of thousand dollars or the price of my rent for six months you can buy your very own purse at D&G or Gucci as seen below.

D&G Men’s Purse

Gucci Men’s Purse

Another purse from Gucci

The majority of  bags that appear on the runway seem to be made of leather and range from being stiff and structured to amorphous and soft.  The range of styles help to give men the choice:  how about something butch and studded that you could whip a horse with and store your hygiene case for the gym?  Or a bag that resembles a tote that you could easily fish around in at any moment to apply some lip gloss that’s disguised as chapstick?  It’s up to each man to find one that suits his own sensibility or find a few to match those with erratic sensibilities or bigger wallets.

Don’t have a big wallet?  Find yourself some cheap alternatives.  Perhaps the vendors on Canal Street will be selling designer knock-offs for men soon?  Here are some photos taken by yours truly to capture how the trends are hitting the streets of NYC.  Side note:  men with purses walk really fast! It was hard to track these guys down for a still moment!

Is the man purse here to stay?   Either way, these bags are bold and useful and don’t apologize and either should the men who carry them.


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