Big wheels keep on turning in May during Bike Month NYC

Today marks the beginning of Bike Month in NYC.  I stumbled upon an Earth Day event a couple of weeks ago in April and picked up a handy cycling map (which is vital for anyone new to biking in NYC) and some information about all the rides, workshops, and events that will be taking place throughout May and the summer.  You can do anything from learn how to fix your bike to take a group ride to Princeton or go to an exhibition of hand-built bicycles.

The most popular of these events is the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour on Sunday, May 2nd which apparently has been sold out for weeks.  Tickets for the event are $60 and, if you’re lucky, you can score a ticket on Craig’s list anywhere from $65-$100.  If you’re like me and prefer a shorter commitment with a bit more edge appeal, join me for the Central Park Moonlight Ride on May 7th from 10pm-2am.  I’ve never done it before, but I love Central Park and I think the event will attract a fun, adventurous crowd.  This ride happens the first Friday of  every month so if you miss it, you can catch it again soon.  Lights are suggested but not required.

For all of you Manhattanites who are curious about riding in the second borough, there is a Park to Park Ride from Central Park to Prospect Park which is being organized by the New Jersey Cycling Club on Sunday, May 23 from 10am-3pm.  If you’re more than just curious, there’s a 2010 Tour De Brooklyn on June 6 from 8am-1pm.

Graffiti art fan?  First, take the Graffiti Ride through Brooklyn on May 29th at 2pm and if you want to soak up the culture as well as the art of the graffiti world, see the new Banksy film Exit Through The Gift Shop described as the “world’s first street art disaster movie.”  I’m a huge fan of graffiti art and I’ll be sharing  a new post later this month of some pics I’ve been taking for the past year.

And probably the most important day of all, a day that every avid biker or advocate of alternative transportation should participate in, National Bike To Work Day takes place on Friday, May 21.  It’s a day where “cyclists across the country show solidarity and ride together for their health, their cities, and the environment.”  What better way to make a statement about the importance of biking in our communities?

There are plenty of events to cater to your needs and curiosities, peruse the Bike Month website for more details.  Looking forward to riding with you a bit more this month!


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