Have you encountered any street art of a chicken with a dick head?

Recently, I’ve been working near the Chelsea galleries in the 20’s west of 10th avenue.  My walks to and from the train station every morning have led me to the following conclusions:

  • I don’t understand why working in some old overpopulated warehouse gives people the feeling of having clout
  • Who knew there was a 12th Avenue?
  • And what’s up with the street art of a chicken with a dick head?

Dick Chicken Ghostbusters

To answer the last question, I did some research online, and came across this interview with the artist who calls himself Dick Chicken courtesy of Brooklyn Based.  Apparently, he’s more popular in Williamsburg, Brooklyn than he is in Manhattan.  I’ve only noticed his street art in Chelsea, but I’ve read you can also see some Dick Chicken on the Lower East Side.  People seem to have strong opinions about Dick Chicken:  some people find it incredibly amusing, others find it incredibly nasty and not to be taken seriously.

Dick Chicken McNuglets in Chelsea

Dick Chicken McNuglets in SoHo

Look at the pictures and make up your own mind.  Personally, I think the guy is  a smart cookie.  I’m not entirely sure if all the Dick Chicken street art contributed to his gallery show last October, but how could it not?  How the hell would anyone in Manhattan who rarely travels to Williamsburg find out about this guy?  He’s branded himself with a picture of a chicken with a dick head!  It’s a bold, provocative, and interesting image.  Exactly the kind of thing that marketers try to create and develop to tell the story of a brand.  If I had gone to see Dick Chicken’s art show (which I might have if I had encountered the graffiti last year), I would imagine his work to have a similar sensibility:  somewhat absurd, bold, interesting.  Or perhaps the artist creates the antithesis of that?  I missed the show so I don’t know.  If you saw it, shout out.  Nonetheless, he was smart enough to know where the influencers were to build some awareness.

Dick Chicken on Metal Stairs

Dick Chicken ala Keith Haring

Dick Chicken without the chicken

Dick Chicken for sale in West Village Gallery

I think good street art makes people stop in their path and think “What the F*@#?”  And this surely does.  If someone took the time to create this work in my neighborhood, I would feel grateful that someone thought that my neighborhood was cool enough to garner some attention.  But it isn’t.  For now, I’ll have to enjoy it during my long walks to the “cool” building that’s almost in the river.


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