This Is What A Chocolate Egg Cream Should Look Like


Chocolate Egg Cream

I am most definitely a chocolate egg cream connoisseur. One of my favorite places to grab one is at the 3-Star Diner on 86th and Columbus on the Upper West Side.  How do you know you’ve been served a good one?  Straw test.  Put your straw in the middle of the glass, if it stays in the middle that means the milk and seltzer have been frothed to perfection.  If it falls?  You might have to whip it as fast as you can to salvage what you’ve been served.  A nice head of foam is always key.

For an extra treat, have it with some grilled cheese.  The savory and sweet combined is ABSOLUTELY deliciouso!  And it would cost about $5.

This coffee shop/diner is completely old school.  It reminds me of NYC back in the 80’s.  I wouldn’t change a thing about this place.  Let’s go.

3 Star Coffee Shop


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