City Bakery Hot Chocolate I Heart You

Once you’ve had a cup of City Bakery’s hot chocolate it’s hard to ever have a cup of Swiss Miss again.  The rich, thick, and creamy taste is incredibly satisfying without feeling over indulgent.  I’ve had some good hot chocolate throughout the city but the homemade marshmallow (for an additional 75 cents) makes the trip worthwhile.  My suggestion: get the marshmallow on the side and cut it up so that the marshmallow gets completely melted in the hot chocolate resulting in a melted gooey cloud of deliciousness (and it will leave more room for the hot chocolate itself).  Yes, it was $5.50, but it’s a good treat to have every now and again.  I will have to fight the urge to make this a daily habit.  So good…

City Bakery Hot Chocolate

City Bakery Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow


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