Mini Pie, Are You The New Cupcake?

I was excited to read Pie to Cupcake: Time’s Up in the NY Times this past Wednesday.  First of all, the picture of the pecan pie from Diner in Brooklyn that appears in this article is incredible.  I hope that I can take food shots like this one day.  I seriously want to dive in that pie.

Lately, pie has been making quite the comeback in restaurants and self proclaimed pie shops.  Some thought the macaroon would be the new cupcake but the pie has since grown in popularity.  Yes, cupcakes are good but they are intensely sweet and pies have a lot more nuance to them.  I think one of the reasons cupcakes are so popular in NYC is because they’re so portable and there’s the whole nostalgia factor – they bring us back to childhood birthday parties.  Pie does something different.  It warms our stomachs and our hearts a bit more.  And there’s nothing like a warm slice with a scoop of cold ice cream on top.

The NY Times article mentioned one of my favorite new places to grab some pie (and some tasty chicken too):  Hill Country Chicken.  There were no pictures of their pies in the article and I just happened to take these last week so the timing is perfect to share.  For a $3 pie cup you can’t go wrong.  However, I feel that whenever you order a small pie cup you get more crust than pie, so if that bothers you Hill Country Chicken also serves it by the slice AND a la mode!

They have a variety of different pies every day so be sure to check with them beforehand if you have your heart set on either apple cheddar, double cherry, banana cream, coconut cream, bourbon pecan, créme brulee, salted margarita, peach blackberry, whisky buttermilk, or lemon meringue.

Are you running yet?

Pumpkin Pie at Hill Country Chicken

Pumpkin Pie at Hill Country Chicken


3 responses

  1. i new i shouldn’t have looked at this page! im just getting hungry now and its too late in the night to eat anything lol

    November 18, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    • joebasile

      Posting late at night is dangerous! The Rosti with grilled veggies & goats cheese on your site looks delish!

      November 18, 2010 at 11:00 pm

      • sure is dangerous. i just put up that post too so that isnt helping either. its time to get away from the computer i think

        November 18, 2010 at 11:04 pm

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