Biography Bookstore You Are Missed

Recently, I visited the new BookMarc store on Bleecker Street.  Owned by Marc Jacobs, Bookmarc replaced Biography Bookshop which has since moved down the street and is now called BookBook.  Biography Bookshop had been on the corner of Bleecker and West 11th Street for 24 years and it’s sad to see it go.  As the number of independent bookshops continue to dwindle, it was one of the few places you could take some time to browse and not be inundated by gift items and stationary.  I can’t say the same for Bookmarc.

Bookmarc on Bleecker Street

The shift in how we purchase books is surely to blame.  I imagine we’ll continue to see more independent bookshops shops close in the future.  Marc Jacobs has the empire and luxury of taking over the space and not worry about revenue from it.  What’s the future of the independent book shop?

Among the selected collection of art books, there are plenty of bags, lipstick pens, and half naked postcards of the owner throughout the store.  It’s ridiculous to say, but they did have some nice pens there.  Here are a few things that I spotted.

Bag for all your books or pens?

Naked Postcard of Marc Jacobs to use as a bookmarc?

Art books at Bookmarc

Very useful mini colored pencils set at Bookmarc to draw flowers with

The very essential lipstick pens at Bookmarc


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